Friday, January 1, 2010

Events of my life in 2009: Insignificant to all but significant to me.

What a year it was, 2009 has been amazing as far experience is concerned. Many new things i got to experience and I grew a lot as a person. So here is a summery of what happened in my last year.

January to March
The new year started with a bang. I and some of my friends had gone to Konkan for the year end vacation and needless to say that we all wanted a grand opening to 2009. So we partied late into the night and danced all the way. I must tell you that I danced for the first time in many years. The party was so crazy that one of our friends was drenched in beer; we actually showered him with it. This is how we welcomed 2009..

Nothing much happened in January as we waited for our results of first semester. Deep in my heart I knew that I had performed poorly and wanted to enjoy life as much as possible. In college sports season was about to start and we were very enthusiastic about that. Although, I wasn't going to get a chance in the team because of big "red tape" but there was this dream to participate. So I practiced and there was this hope against hope that I might get a shot. But as they say "Fun is always in he Journey", I was sure to enjoy the camaraderie of us rejects and that's what we had. And so the month of January passed with great exuberance.

February was to present an opportunity for me give a competitive exam after seven years. So I took a break from my college and studied for a week before the actual exam. I thought I would fare well in CET as I had put my heart and soul for the preparation in lead up to the exam, but there was a twist in store for me. The exam was unusually different if not difficult and it ended up being just a "good experience". Well that was about month of February and very mundane life followed in march. Nothing much happened in this month except for submissions. We had to actually fill 5 KG's of paper with ink pen.

Well this was all about events from January to March. I shall soon be posting an update.. bbye... take care.